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Speak powerfully

Last night, I was watching an old episode of Wheel of Fortune and couldn’t help but write about this contestant. He was shouting throughout the game as if the TV crew, host and audience were miles away! True, I was physically thousands of miles away from America but this is Television!  Even the edited production could not lower his booming voice.

Like this man, many of us think we speak powerfully when we are loud. On the contrary, we shut people out when we shout. In this technology era, where we use email, sms and whatsapp more than we speak, we have forgotten the power of the spoken word. I used to have a boss who literally shouts when speaking on the phone – and that was his natural volume.  I would have to hold the phone a yard away and could still hear him.

Remember the three ‘S’s for sounding powerful on the phone without shutting people out:

  1. Speak at a conversational volume, not as if you are in a competition

  2. Smile – even if the person cannot see you, they know it when you are smiling or frowning

  3. Stand up while speaking – your energy will convey a strong sense of presence and power

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