Power Dressing

To most office workers, power dressing means a formal suit. This may not always be the case, especially in tropic climates where it’s just too hot and uncomfortable. Power dressing is also not just for C-level but anyone who needs to show some authority at work.

Power dressing is about projecting an appearance that says “I’m in control”, and “I’m serious about my work”.  Be it a clerical position or managerial, backroom or frontline job, each needs to have a certain level of power dressing.

To dress powerfully, use darker colours like black or navy – hence the black suit.  The brighter the colours, the less formal and powerful the look.  As an exception, a red jacket can look very powerful for a woman but not a man.

Another element in power dressing is print – solid colours appear more powerful than print. Except for pinstripes in suits, the bolder the print the less powerful the look.

Finally, the more covered up the look, the more powerful is the dressing. A man with his tie loosened projects a carefree attitude, and appears like he is ready for a drink instead of making a million-dollar deal. Women who reveal too much at work may also not be taken seriously.

So, dress powerfully when you are preparing for a pitch, a job interview or appraisal with your boss if you wish to be taken seriously!

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