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Behave yourself at work

My childhood upbringing was typically about behaviour, more than anything else. My mother would chastise (even cane, ouch…) the children for misbehaviour. Where she lacked in academic qualification, she made up in inculcating discipline in us. In Asian culture, good behaviour means being well-mannered, respectful, considerate, industrious and ethical.

It is surprising then that when we are at work, many people forget that behaviour is one of the driving forces of their image. It is surprising too that organisations do not use behavioural traits as one of their KPIs (key performance indicators), being more focussed on financial indicators.

If only performance at work includes ‘good behaviour’ like being on time, showing consideration to colleagues, being helpful, showing respect to each other, having integrity, using company time for work only (i.e. no surfing or private phone calls), and the list goes on.

If there was such an organisation that rewards employees for good behaviour, customers would flock there and will be willing to pay a premium price for a service that is truly first-class.

Anyone knows such a company? Write to me about it.

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