My Story

After more than 30 years across 3 main sectors, I believe all of that valuable experience is leading me to be a Vision Coach to start-up aspirers, be it for profit or not. My intention is to help aspirers like yourself start on the right foot by crafting a vision and transforming your image to get the results you want. 

My background is pretty ordinary as I had no idea what career to pursue except to do what I knew I enjoyed, and have the skills to do my job well. I didn’t start with a vision when I joined the Marketing Research industry, but I did hone my skills in research and discovered a passion for people development. I decided to leave the corporate world after 18 years of being a salaried worker, as I wanted to explore what else I could do and to re-invent myself. 

That was when I needed a vision. I had left a 6-figure job with no idea of what my  next step was. But I knew I had a passion to help people bring out their potential, and so Potenxia Unlimited was born with a vision to touch a life a day. I wanted to help people transform to become extraordinary and that led me to pursue my business in image consulting. Those were my best years, not only as a business owner but also an image professional, an international speaker, an author and business coach. That made my vision a reality.

Twelve years down the road, I had not envisioned starting a charity, but I was inspired during my philanthropy work to help the underprivileged. My vision to touch a life a day had extended to this group and so I founded Image Mission and Dress for Success Singapore in 2015, supporting vulnerable women to transform their lives. 

The charity is now in good hands, and I want to continue to touch other lives. So today, I want to help people like myself then who aspire to start a new business or non-profit, and need clarity on their vision and business transformation plan.