Creative Tools for Image Trainers
Professional Image: Your Roadmap to Success
 How to Look Stylish
 First Impressions: Dressing for your Date





Creative Tools for Image Trainers

Engaging activities and ideas to create dynamic and practical workshops on image topics

Author: Pang Li Kin, AICI CIP

In this resource book for trainers and image consultants, Li Kin shows you easy-to-use icebreakers, energisers and activities for lessons on image topics on Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.




Highly recommended by image leaders in the industry:

“ This is a fabulous resource for image consultants…I will recommend it highly to my students. Li Kin has hit the nail on the head with this engaging manual.”

- Lynne Marks AICI CIM, President London Image Institute


“This book is brilliant!...I know they will enhance, enrich and enliven my training and workshops for a higher level of achievement and success.”

- Karen Brunger AICI CIP, President International Image Institute Inc

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Professional Image: Your Roadmap to Success
Your personal journey to enhancing your status and career by looking, sounding and behaving professionally
Author: Pang Li Kin, AICI CIP
[Part of the ST Training Solutions Success Skills Series]

In today’s competitive world, having the right qualifications and experience is no longer enough to ensure your climb up the corporate ladder or to have a successful career. If you are to differentiate yourself from the next person, you need to convey a professional image and project your best qualities through the way you look, sound and behave. Your professional image will determine whether you get noticed, get a foot in the door, and be at the top of the list of preferred choices when it comes to hiring you or buying from you.

Certified Image Professional, Pang Li Kin AICI CIP shows you how to create an image that projects your personal brand values, and how your image can help you nail that promotion, ace that job interview and achieve career success.  In her open, personable and inspiring style,  Li Kin offers a practical and effective approach to help you achieve the results you want, both inside and out, including:


Charting your personal image roadmap                                            
Assessing your current professional image
Creating a professional style that works for you
Wearing the right colours for your profession
Sounding professional and powerful
Behaving professionally at work
Positioning and promoting your personal brand
Overcoming roadblocks to your professional image

Peek inside the book:




Get your copy of “Professional Image: Your Roadmap to Success” at SGD 20.00 with free delivery in Singapore. 

Ms Li-Kin Pang one of 8 international image consultants featured in new Best-selling e-book on How to Look Stylish

Our principal consultant Ms Li-Kin Pang is the only Asian featured among 8 international image consultants who provide a wealth of information and style tips in this latest best-selling e-book on How to Look Stylish

No matter what size, shape or age you are, this book shows women around the world how to flatter their body shape and create your their individual signature style.   Grab this opportunity now and learn the secrets of:

  1. Choosing the best style of garments for your body shape
  2. Identifying your personal colour and choosing flattering colours to suit you
  3. Selecting the right accessories for your face shape and personality
  4. Looking slimmer, taller and younger with illusion dressing
  5. And much more…


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The book is in PDF format, which means you can download it straight away and start learning more.  It also comes with a bonus shopping card which you pop into your purse and take with you whenever you go shopping.

The book has helped me understand what I need to wear to look good in a business setting and that has helped me get a much coveted internship with Rolls Royce.
After all, you need to be able to look the part to play the part. Right?

S Choo, Singapore

Want to look great for your date? Find out how in this Audio CD by Ms Li-Kin Pang on First Impressions: Dressing for Your First Date!

Ladies, if you are looking for a new relationship, first impressions DO matter!  Looking great for your dates is not about fooling or merely seducing him – it’s about bringing out your best qualities through the way you dress.   Learn from internationally-certified image consultant Ms Li-Kin Pang what the 4 proven strategies are for looking fabulous for your date! 

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