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The key to personal effectiveness is knowledge of your unique qualities and communicating them in a powerful way. We offer personal coaching on how to develop your communications and presentation skills to "Make you outstanding inside out". You may choose a one-time session or engage us on a contract basis depending on your needs. Whichever it is, we are there to work closely with you on any of the following topics

. Discover your unique qualities and how you relate to people
. Develop appropriate social and business etiquette
. Overcome physical limitations and create co-operative environments
. Develop positive body language
. Learn networking skills and social graces
. Polish your presentation/public speaking skills
. Improve your written communications
. Enhance your interpersonal skills (eg getting along with people, resolving conflicts, improving marital relationships, etc)

To request for a quote, please contact us with details on your specific needs.

"The key to effectiveness is knowledge of your unique qualities and communicatng them in a powerful way."

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